Fluoride Treatments: Why Do I Need One?

Fluoride Treatments: Why Do I Need One?

You’re preparing for your regular checkup and cleaning, and you find out the dentist will be recommending a fluoride treatment to be directly applied to your teeth. So perhaps you’re wondering why this extra step is being added to your treatment.

Although you may be brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and rinsing with a mouthwash that includes fluoride each day, the dentists at Family Smiles Fort Lee recommend having this vital mineral applied topically during your visit. And that goes for children and adults, even if your drinking water at home contains fluoride. That’s because the fluoride used by your dentist is applied at professional strength directly onto your teeth and exposed roots, providing an even stronger level of protection.

So, what is fluoride, and why is it so crucial to oral health? This naturally occurring mineral helps our teeth fight off unhealthy acids caused by bacteria, and also strengthens the hard outer surface of our teeth known as the enamel against tooth decay. Toothpaste containing fluoride has played a major role in reducing cavities in the general population since 1960. Fluoride has been added to many public water supplies for the same reason. Despite these advances, tooth decay remains an all-to-common problem among children and teenagers, damaging not only baby teeth but permanent ones as well.

The topical fluoride applied quickly and painlessly by our dentists comes in a variety of forms, including gels, varnishes and foams that go directly onto our patients’ teeth following routine cleanings. These provide an additional layer of protection against cavities for patients of all ages, and particularly those at risk for tooth decay.

The dentists at Family Smiles Fort Lee use the most up-to-date treatments to help safeguard our patients’ oral health. We want your smile to stay healthy and radiant for years to come. Please contact us, Best Dentist in Fort Lee today for an appointment.

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