When to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

When to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Most parents are confused regarding the exact age that is appropriate for their child's first visit to the dentist. Visiting a pediatric dentist is considered essential during the eruption of the milk teeth. They help to ensure that the teeth are erupting and developing in their best form. 

At Family Smiles Fort Lee, our pediatric dentists have set up an environment that provides better comfort for the child. We maintain a bright painted room where the child could feel comfortable. We ensure that the child's first dental experience is the best so that they are not fearful of subsequent dental appointments.

How Should You Prepare for Your Child’s Dental Visit?

Most parents and kids are often worried about the first dental visit. But pediatric dentists have special training in handling children during their dental visits. The parents are advised to check their teeth and mouth at home to make them feel more comfortable regarding the process. Kids who are worried about the process can be made to watch cartoons or look through books. 

The parent should list down the concerns they would like to address with the dentist at his dentistry. They can also learn more information and tips that can help maintain the child's dental health.

What Happens During the Procedure 

The child will first be comfortably seated on the dental chair or their parent's lap. The pediatric dentist will then begin the procedure through a complete dental checkup. They will observe the teeth that have erupted, along with the gums and the jaws. They will also clean the child's teeth and then attend to the parents' concerns regarding the child's teeth.  Any deformities are addressed with care by discussing them with the parent. 

Pediatric dentists provide better insight regarding dental care that can help keep the child away from dental diseases and emergencies. 

Visit the Pediatric Dentist

The parent should make sure that they book an appointment with the dentist for when they are well-rested. They should avoid nap time as the child might not cooperate with the procedure. The child must also be fed and their teeth rinsed before the dental visit. 

Family Smiles Fort Lee, located in Fort Lee, NJ, offers kids and children the best dental care services. Dial  (201) 224-2705 and schedule an appointment with Dentist Fort Lee to know more about checkups and treatments provided at the Dentistry. 

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