Dental Extractions in Fort Lee, NJ

An extraction involves having a tooth removed entirely from its socket. There are several reasons for tooth extraction, including cavities, tooth decay, accidents, trauma, malocclusion, periodontal disease, and many more. There is a mistaken belief that tooth extractions can be painful. 

However, at Family Smiles Fort Lee, we will ensure that you are comfortable during the tooth extraction procedure and don’t feel any discomfort. It is vital that before undertaking an extraction, you give complete disclosure of your general medical history so that the necessary precautions can be taken.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth can get embedded between the gums and jawbone. This condition can be pretty painful, besides causing infection near the impacted site. It is always recommended to get the impacted wisdom teeth extracted to save you from pain.

Dental Trauma

During a mishap, injuries to the oral cavity can crack or fracture teeth, expose their dental pulp to harmful bacteria in the mouth and cause an infection. Although the impaired teeth can be restored using dental crowns, veneers, or bonding, we may have to extract them if the damage is beyond repair.


Decayed or impaired teeth are most susceptible to getting severely infected and adversely affect a patient’s oral health. This condition can be treated by root canal treatment and medications. But if the infection is severe, the impaired tooth needs to be pulled out to cure the disease.


Misaligned teeth are a prevalent problem among children and adults. It can be corrected by using braces or Invisalign treatments, but there are times when overcrowded teeth can impede the alignment process. In such instances, teeth extraction is carried out to make space for the misaligned teeth to move to their proper orthodontic position.

Types of Extraction

There are two types of tooth extractions:

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is conducted on a tooth with roots that can be easily removed. Our dentists will gently loosen the tooth with a dental tool called an elevator in this process. Then the affected tooth is pulled out with the help of forceps.

Surgical Extraction

Our dentists will make a tiny incision into your gum in surgical extraction. If needed, we will remove some of the bone mass around the tooth or cut the tooth into small pieces to extract it.

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