Laser Dentistry in Fort Lee, NJ

Dental laser technology has been one of the significant advances in modern dentistry. Nowadays, lasers are increasingly being used in dental procedures to address various conditions like tooth decay, gum disease and to harden dental filling materials. They are also used to activate teeth whitening solutions and perform biopsies or help remove oral lesions. At Family Smiles Fort Lee, we use laser dentistry to make your dental treatments as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Preservation of more of the natural tooth.
  • Minimal bleeding during treatment.
  • Reduced need for anesthesia.
  • Reduced need for stitches.
  • Averts risk of bacterial infections after procedures.

What Are the Uses of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is amazingly versatile and plays a vital role in many dental procedures including:

Tooth Preparation 

Before introducing laser dentistry, a drill was used to prepare the affected tooth for a dental filling. Dental lasers have now eliminated the use of anesthesia and drilling instruments. They also keep the surgical site free of contamination.

Reshaping Soft Tissue 

Lasers can remove soft tissue to uncover more of the natural tooth, reshape soft tissue to make gummy smiles more appealing, and remove tight soft tissue folds caused by denture use.

Tumor Removal 

Lasers can efficiently remove the benign tumors that have formed in the soft tissue areas of the mouth without causing pain.

Teeth Whitening 

Lasers can greatly accelerate the tooth whitening process by stimulating the bleaching agents of the whitening solution.


Lasers are also employed to perform a biopsy on suspicious soft tissue areas. The biopsy procedure can be performed with great precision by employing lasers.

How Are Laser Procedures Performed?

There are different types of lasers created to treat various conditions. Each laser utilizes a different wavelength of light, based on the procedure. The most standard dental laser is diode and carbon dioxide lasers, usually employed to address soft tissue problems. After a thorough exam and X-rays, we will decide on the lasers that best suit your condition. 

Before the procedure, we will provide special glasses to protect the eyes as the laser beam is extremely bright. Then our dentist will direct the laser beam at the affected region to break down the soft tissue, whiten the teeth or harden the filling material.

The laser procedures will take far less time than conventional methods and cause less discomfort and anxiety. 

To learn more about our laser dentistry services, visit our office, Family Smiles Fort Lee, at 810 Abbott Boulevard Suite 302, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. You can also reach Dentist Fort Lee NJ at (201) 224-2705 and schedule an appointment.

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