Dental Technology involves applying the latest scientific knowledge for practical purposes and has always been a primary factor of dentistry. With the use of technology, the approach towards treating smile complications and routine dental procedures has changed dramatically. 

At Family Smiles Fort Lee, we employ the latest advanced dental technology to make your experience efficient, pleasant and as comfortable as possible. We can make a quick, accurate diagnosis and thus effectively plan your treatment with our diagnostic equipment. 

Our chief focus is to provide quality dental care that enhances your smile and overall well-being. We use only the safest equipment and modern technology that you can trust. 

Technology Services at Family Smiles Fort Lee

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion comprises a gentle spray of an air and powder mix that removes tooth decay, generally thus eliminating the need for injections. Its technology removes the noise, vibration, odors, and minor cracks and, in most cases, the use of the drilling instrument. Although an air abrasion system cannot be used for teeth needing extensive treatments, it is rapidly becoming more versatile. It is remarkably well suited to address small to medium size cavities.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography utilizes an electronic sensor in place of X-ray films to capture and store the digital images on a computer system. These images can be enlarged and viewed instantly, thereby helping dental providers in their diagnosis. Digital radiography reduces the exposure to radiation by about eighty to ninety percent compared to conventional X-rays. 

Laser Dentistry

Dental laser technology has been one of the significant advances in modern dentistry. Nowadays, lasers are increasingly being used in dental procedures to address various conditions like tooth decay, gum disease and to harden dental filling materials. They are also used to activate teeth whitening solutions and perform biopsies or help remove oral lesions.

Velscope® Cancer Screening

The Velscope® is a blue magnifying lamp that highlights cancerous and precancerous cell formations in the mouth.  It uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV) to direct a bright blue light into the mouth to highlight differences and lesions that would otherwise go unobserved during a visual examination. The healthy soft tissue of the mouth efficiently absorbs the Velscope® frequency of blue light. One of the biggest challenges in diagnosing oral cancer is that its symptoms are very subtle. The Velscope® system allows dentists to observe the changes happening beneath the surface.

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