VELscope® Cancer Screening

Oral cancer affects the mouth, lips, throat, and if it is diagnosed in its initial stages, the condition can be cured successfully.  Hence it becomes vital to avail oral cancer screenings during your regular dental exams to stay healthy. The Velscope® offers dental providers another examination tool to detect oral cancer. The cost of this procedure is minimal and gives patients a more effective method of avoiding future dental problems. 

At Family Smiles Fort Lee, we use Velscope devices to quickly perform a comprehensive examination of your oral cavity to detect abnormal tissues.

What Is a Velscope®?

The Velscope® is a blue magnifying lamp that highlights cancerous and precancerous cell formations in the mouth.  It uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV) to direct a bright blue light into the mouth to highlight differences and lesions that would otherwise go unobserved during a visual examination. The healthy soft tissue of the mouth efficiently absorbs the Velscope® frequency of blue light. One of the biggest challenges in diagnosing oral cancer is that its symptoms are very subtle. The Velscope® system allows dentists to observe the changes happening beneath the surface.

Advantages of Velscope® System

  • It can be combined with digital X-rays.
  • Detects lesions, white and red patches
  • Spots problem areas that cannot be seen under normal light.
  • Exposes precancerous and cancerous tissue.
  • Medically-approved.
  • Helps confirm that diseased soft tissue is completely removed.
  • Helps diagnose oral cancer in its preliminary stages, 
  • Increases the chances of successful treatment.
  • Quick, painless examinations.

How Is the Velscope® Exam Performed?

The Velscope® examination accurately takes only two or three minutes. It is a non-invasive and pain-free process that helps save many lives every year.

Our dentist will perform a regular visual exam of the complete mouth structures to begin the process. This includes the tongue, palate, cheeks, glands, and teeth. Next, a rinsing solution is sprayed around the mouth for about a minute. We will provide a special mask to protect your eyes. The lights in the diagnostic room are turned off to get a clear view of the oral cavity.

The Velscope® device is bent to direct blue light inside the mouth. The laser light makes it easier to spot the lesions and other signs of oral cancer. If we observe any abnormal changes, we may extract some soft tissues and send them to biopsy. The results of the biopsy will decide the further course of action.

If you have any questions about oral cancer screening or the Velscope® system, visit our office, Family Smiles Fort Lee, at 810 Abbott Boulevard Suite 302, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. You can also reach Dentist Fort Lee NJ at (201) 224-2705.

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